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What age can I transition my dog to a raw diet?

What age can I transition my dog to a raw dog food diet

You are interested in raw feeding your dog, but are wondering what age is the right age. The answer is simple…right now! You can transition a dog of any age onto a Raw Food diet. They are born ready to eat meat. The benefits of doing so are massive. A healthy puppy can be transitioned … Read more

What is the best – dog harness or dog collar?

There are so many different types of harness and collars to choose from and in this article here at The Pet Parlour we will discuss which may be the best choice for your pup. Pros and cons of dog collars Dog Collars have been popular for a long time and offer an easy identification for … Read more

What Is The Best Cat Food?

What is the best cat food?

Fresh food for our cats – common sense and logic? A little bit about cats. Despite their proximity to humans for around 10,000 years, cats retain their unique anatomic, metabolic, physiologic and behavioural adaptations consistent with eating a carnivorous diet. Cats are obligate carnivores folks, therefore your kitty should be fed a species-appropriate diet. Feeding … Read more

How To Train your Puppy – A Guide

How to train your puppy

 A Guide – How To Train Your Puppy Congratulations! You have a new puppy in your household which is really exciting and in this article, we will give you some tips (as best we can) on training your new family member. Having a new puppy has its challenges and it is important to stay calm … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Strawberries?

Pet shops near me - can my dog eat strawberries

Introduction If you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably noticed that every time there’s a rustle of a packet or the sound of a tin opening, your canine companion’s ears prick up and their beady eyes are soon fixed on your every move. It’s great to be able to treat your dog from time to time … Read more

How To Switch Your Dog To A Raw Dog Food Diet

Switching your pooch to raw dog food can positively affect your pet’s health. Pet Parlour shares their tips on how to switch your dog to a raw diet.

Switching your pooch to raw dog food can positively affect your pet’s health. Pet Parlour shares their tips on how to switch your dog to a raw diet. How To Transition Your Dog To A Raw Dog Food Diet So you have made the best decision to transition your dog to a “species appropriate” raw … Read more

What do you feed a fussy cat?

fussy cat sticking its tongue out

What should I feed my cat if they turn their nose up?This is another question that crops up here a lot at The Pet Parlour but the answer isn’t straight forward as Cats like ferrets, imprint on their diet, meaning they usually stay on the type of foods they get weaned onto after leaving their … Read more

How to keep a puppy’s teeth clean naturally

puppy with raw bone - Pet shops near me

This is a very important topic because canine (and feline) periodontal disease is becoming very prevalent in younger Dogs and puppies mainly due the large numbers of Dogs that are fed on only dry food diets. Dry Dog foods are generally high in sugars, carbs, starch and sodium. Unfortunately, unlike  humans, Dogs do not produce … Read more

Should I use treats to train my Puppy?

boy training his brown dog with treats

Puppy Training – With or without treats? This is a common question, and many trainers will have different answers, although they’re all based on their experience and skill set, when training a puppy, it’s important to remain open minded as an owner, because certain methods or tools will suit certain situations or individual dogs. Puppies … Read more

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