Should you feed your cat raw meat?

Should you feed your cat raw meat?

Cats NEED meat to survive. They’re biologically equipped to survive off meat and have ZERO requirement for plant matter. Fact.

Why do cats need meat?

We hear this question a lot here at The Pet Parlour and the answer is very simple, Cats need taurine and you cannot get this from plants. Taurine is the master amino when it comes to thyroid health and the thyroid is the master gland that directly and indirectly controls every bodily function both physically and mentally. So, if cats aren’t getting dietary taurine, it stands to reason their bodies will malfunction and death is a certainty.

It really is that simple, they’re obligated to eat meat!

So why Raw?

Simply put, raw meat is biologically appropriate food for Cats. It is filled with enzymes and bioactive compounds to promote whole health. Cooking meat destroys these enzymes and compounds which is why the majority of commercial meat based cat meals are laced with synthetics to make up for what’s destroyed in the manufacturing process.

Take this dental chart above…. it’s clear to see that the start of a Cats digestive tract is designed to tear into flesh rather than grind plant matter. When we ignore the basic anatomy of our cats, then it shouldn’t be any real surprise to learn that, health issues such as periodontal disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer are rife within the feline community.

Taurine rich meats are crucial to feed and the most common source of taurine in meat is in heart meat, however any muscle that’s worked a lot will have ample amounts of taurine available. For example, the darker meat in poultry has higher levels of taurine than the whiter meat.

Table showing typical Cats/Kittens protein/fat requirements.Source:

Cats get their energy from Protein and Fat. As you can see, carbohydrates are not on the table and that’s simply because cats cannot utilise carbohydrates for energy like other animals, such as omnivores and herbivores. The only time a cat would consume carbohydrates would be via the stomach contents of another animal they’ve eaten and these carbs serve a purpose of primarily fermented fibre.

Cats are naturally in touch with their nutritional needs which is why most cats will hunt their own food when they are not getting it at home. So, if you are tired of them bringing Mice, Rats, Birds etc. home as presents, then have a look at the type of food you are giving them and why not consider a biologically appropriate option. We can talk you through your options here at The Pet Parlour Terenure as we specialse in fresh biologically appropriate raw food for both Cats & Dogs. We promise it will make a difference and it’s a lot safer for your Cat as wild animals do carry a risk of disease and parasites!

Unfortunately, the pet food industry has failed us and our Cats and many of the commercial pet food products are laden with carbohydrates, sugars and synthetics, both of which suppress the immune system of our Cats as none are biologically appropriate.

Common Cat Dry Food Ingredients:

  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Maize
  • Rice
  • Potato
  • Flour
  • Beet Pulp
  • Pulses
  • Molasses

NONE of the above have a place in a Cats diet. These foods are contributing to pandemic health concerns for cats, over 50% of the world domestic cats age 5-11 are obese.

Check out the chart below and assess your own Cats condition.


If your Cat is scoring in the 3-5 range then you most definitely should think about changing their diet and incorporating at least some fresh raw meat. If you’re unsure on how to make the first step to changing your Cats life for the better then please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction!


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