What are the benefits of raw feeding for dogs?

As you are already aware, we are BIG raw fresh feeders here at The Pet Parlour

On our website, you will find a huge range of Biologically appropriate raw fresh food for Dogs.
We understand that many people want to know more about the benefits of feeding Raw food feeding versus conventional convenient Kibble feeding.

So below we will briefly dive into each point listed:-


While feeding Raw will require an adjustment in your feeding procedure, learning to fresh feed is like learning to cycle a bike….. What seems difficult at the start quickly becomes very easy and natural and suddenly it requires no effort at all.
The Pet Parlour specialise is premade completes raw for both Dogs & Cats.
Premades are convenient because you can simply defrost, portion and feed. It doesn’t have the same convenience and simplicity of dry foods, but there is no question whatsoever that fresh foods are far superior when it comes to whole health, so it’s worth the little extra effort.

Full of nutrients:

Fresh foods are nutrient dense. They are much more bioavailable which means your dog can utilise them at a cellular level and, over time, nourish their body much more efficiently than consuming ultra processed foods, laced with synthetics.
Fresh foods will even promote a healthy immune system. The body will repair itself when offered species appropriate foods.

More energy & stamina:

When it comes to energy, fresh foods such as meats/organs provide Dogs with protein and fats for energy. Fats provide twice as much energy as carbohydrates! When a dog eats a low-carb diet, it’s more optimal for their bodily functions and their stamina will naturally improve as they utilise fats for energy. (Some dogs such as racing greyhounds may perform better with higher levels of carbs)

Increased mobility in older dogs:

This is an important one… Dogs that get their joint support from fresh foods tend to have healthier joints throughout their life, obviously genetics plays a big factor here, but fresh foods such as chicken feetduck feetchicken necks (all full of cartilage which is full of natural glucosamine) which will help support the joints overtime. This would be a preferred option, rather than adding in synthetic supplements once the joint pain has started to show its face, prevention is better than cure!

Cleaner teeth/ fresher breath:

This is a key benefit to feeding fresh foods. It’s well known that kibble is detrimental to oral hygiene due to the levels of starch and sodium in the foods (despite what many vets will tell you about kibble cleaning teeth) The residues in kibble stick in the cavities of teeth and provide and all-you-can-eat buffet for bacteria and overtime periodontal disease will show its face. It’s inevitable for a dry fed dog. This is why certain dental chews have been made to help combat this (NOT the pretend dental chew crap you find in the supermarket!) but nothing compares to a raw meaty bone when it comes to removing plaque and not leaving food residues behind, it’s the residues that contribute to bad breath!

Better weight control:

As fresh foods are nutrient dense, dogs become ‘fuller’ quicker as they are being satisfied on a nutritional level much easier than a dry food, so by default they’ll eat less. Raw food is a very true feeding format, underweight Dogs will gain weight quickly and overweight Dogs will find their perfect weight quickly too. Part of the reason for this is that they will stop retaining water as now they are getting their water from the foods that they are eating instead of drinking pints of water after eating a bowl of dry kibble.
You can easily adjust your Dogs calorie intake with fresh foods, with dry foods it’s much much harder.

Harder and less smelly poops:

A raw fed dog poops a lot less than a processed fed Dogs poop. Their poops are as nature intended. Small and firm and will crumble into the earth as fertiliser (if not picked up of course)
Feed a raw diet and say bye bye to those 3-4 times a day, stomach wrenching cowpath type poops ….guaranteed!

The above list is just a generalisation of the benefits of feeding a Dog a fresh food diet but there are much much more. Fresh foods are superior in every way, however, the diet still has to be balanced, which comes with variety over time. A long term unbalanced diet can be damaging to a Dog even if you do feed raw.
If you’re not sure on how to feed fresh foods, then please get in touch with our expert Stephen, who has many years fresh feeding experience. He will be more than happy to assist you further and ensure your pets are on a Stronger, Smarter, Healthier path.

To contact Stephen and set up a consultation or an informal chat please email here

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