How to create the perfect indoor Environment for your cat

How to create the perfect indoor Environment for your cat Creating the Perfect Indoor Environment for Your CatTips and TricksCreating a comfortable and stimulating indoor environment for your cat is essential for theirwell-being. Here are some tips and tricks using products available on the Pet Parlour website to help you create the perfect space for … Read more

What Is The Best Cat Food?

What is the best cat food?

What Is The Best Cat Food? Fresh food for our cats – common sense and logic? A little bit about cats. Despite their proximity to humans for around 10,000 years, cats retain their unique anatomic, metabolic, physiologic and behavioural adaptations consistent with eating a carnivorous diet. Cats are obligate carnivores folks, therefore your kitty should … Read more

What do you feed a fussy cat?

fussy cat sticking its tongue out

What should I feed my cat if they turn their nose up?This is another question that crops up here a lot at The Pet Parlour but the answer isn’t straight forward as Cats like ferrets, imprint on their diet, meaning they usually stay on the type of foods they get weaned onto after leaving their … Read more

Should you feed your cat raw meat?

Should you feed your cat raw meat? Cats NEED meat to survive. They’re biologically equipped to survive off meat and have ZERO requirement for plant matter. Fact. Why do cats need meat? We hear this question a lot here at The Pet Parlour and the answer is very simple, Cats need taurine and you cannot … Read more

Should I get a Cat?

Should I get a cat?

Should you get a cat? That’s something only you can answer but let us explore everything you have to consider being a cat owner! The first thing is commitment! Are you ready to commit your life to them for the next 2-20+ years?   The oldest cat on record lived until the grand old age … Read more

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