What is the best – dog harness or dog collar?

There are so many different types of harness and collars to choose from and in this article here at The Pet Parlour we will discuss which may be the best choice for your pup.

Pros and cons of dog collars

Dog Collars have been popular for a long time and offer an easy identification for your pup as they can have a tag attached which is important if your pup is lost. They are quick and easy to fit too. Some people prefer not to put their pup’s name on the tag and only print their telephone number. The less info the public has on you the better is the thinking here and really they only need to call you to let you know they have found your dog and don’t really need the dog’s name to do so. Fitting the collar correctly is important too as it should not be too tight or too loose. A couple of fingers space under the collar should be a tight enough fit. If your pup doesn’t pull, a collar can be a good choice as they are, as mentioned, quick and easy to take on and off. Incidentally it is important to remove the collar when your pup is at home, we recently heard of a labrador who strangled himself at home whilst wearing a collar – incredibly sad and avoidable and although very rare we thought we should share this information with you.

If you have a pup who pulls, a collar can put pressure on their trachea, oesophagus, thyroid gland and cervical vertebrae and this can cause damage and pain to your pup.

Breeds such as greyhounds often wear wider collars which can be better for them as not many greyhounds/lurchers pull and their necks are longer, therefore a wider collar can be more comfortable. Collars such as choke chains are not recommended here at The Pet Parlour as they can be severe and can frighten your pup.

Occasionally they could slip out of a collar that is not fitted correctly. This is another thing to consider when choosing one.

Pros and cons of a dog harness

Harnesses have been becoming increasingly popular recently and rather than a collar, a harness is fitted around the dog’s torso with straps behind their front legs. This can be very helpful for pups who pull as they will not have the tension on their throats, however if you have a very strong dog, it can actually help them pull more! In this case a bit of training may be needed!

When considering buying a harness, look at the different types of material that suits your pup, whether it has a clip or velcro for example. Both are great but again, make sure you can slip your finger in between the harness and your pups skin.

  • A harness may help with better control
  • Be good for nervous dogs who back out of collars
  • Good for breeds such as Pugs and French Bulldogs
  • Can help with dogs who have suffered from tracheal collapse
  • Helpful for brachycephalic breeds (flat-faced)
  • Good for dogs with back problems
  • Safer and more secure

Finding the correct harness is important and it is essential that it fits correctly. We have a good range of harnesses and can usually find a good fit for most dogs. Comfort is important for your pup and if a harness is uncomfortable it could result in injury and may have a negative effect on your pup’s wellbeing as they always remember things they don’t like! Making sure a harness fits well and doesn’t restrict movement in their legs or shoulders is really important.

Harnesses don’t always suit dogs with long hair as they can become tangled and matted easily.

Some pups need time to get used to wearing a harness as do some with a collar. Make sure you make the time to get your pup used to his harness before going for long walks. Try it on around the house for a while first for example.

Cons of a harness

  • Can be uncomfortable for some dogs
  • They take a little more time to put on
  • Not the best for dogs with long coats
  • Some dogs do not like having their head put through a harness

Conclusion – which is better – dog harness or dog collar?

It all depends which is best for you and your pup – happy pups mean happy owners. Doing a little research on our website or the internet or simply popping in to us for a fitting is a great idea before a purchase – this way you will be confident in making the correct choice for your pup.

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