Best in Show – Who’s the best dog?

Best in show - who's the best dog?

  Who’s the best dog? We’ve been finding out in a series of dog shows across Dublin over the past few weeks and months. But, we’re not done yet. The Pet Parlour, in association with Dublin City Council, could be headed your way soon. If you’re the kind of person who watches Crufts and thinks: … Read more

We are what we eat, and so are our dogs.

What’s the worst thing about owning a dog? Be honest. It’s picking up s*1t every day of its life, right? When I talk to people who don’t have dogs, they really don’t understand why we do it. If they have kids, they can kind of understand but they will often say they couldn’t do what … Read more

Learning to Let Go of your dog

There comes a point in every parent’s life when they need to let go and give their children space and independence. The same is true, to some extent, for our pets.

Why feed your dog the same thing every day?

Customers ask me this question all the time. If they don’t ask I tell them anyhow. Yes, you can and SHOULD regularly change your pet’s food (specifically the protein source). Imagine eating the same sandwich for lunch EVERYDAY! The same dinner every evening, Everyday! You’d get sick of it very quickly. Eventually, even the smell … Read more

Bugs Bugging you this Autumn?

Pet Parlour Natural Flea Powder When I began the exciting journey into the pet world a number of years back, there was a flurry of pet industry sales reps calling to see me, all obviously eager to sell their wares. Food, beds, leads, harnesses shampoos and so on. I would endeavour to try educate myself as … Read more

The Pet Parlour Recommends Canagans Grain Free Dog Food

Canagan grain free dog food is superior to most other dog foods. It is one of the leading grain free dog foods available and we recommend it.  All their dog foods are made with real meat, no filler, no rubbish. Great nutrition for your dog. 

The Pet Parlour/DCC Bushy Park Dog Show Winners!!

Well done to all involved both organizers and contestants. Hope you enjoy the pictures! Adult Bitch 1st Place-Roxy with Aisling Adult Bitch 2nd Place-Penny Adult Bitch 3rd Place-Millie with Siobhan Adult Bitch 4th Place-Buffy with Siobhan Adult Dog Adult Dog 1st Place-Sam with Dave Adult Dog 2nd Place-Leo with Ger Adult Dog 3rd Place-Toby with … Read more

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