Bugs Bugging you this Autumn?

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Pet Parlour Natural Flea Powder

When I began the exciting journey into the pet world a number of years back, there was a flurry of pet industry sales reps calling to see me, all obviously eager to sell their wares. Food, beds, leads, harnesses shampoos and so on. I would endeavour to try educate myself as best i could about any products suggested or that i might be interested in selling myself. Regarding the various products, I would pick the reps’ brains as much as I could, then I would follow up with hours of internet surfing, ultimately ending up in the review sections of particular retailers products. Reviews are extremely telling.

Flea treatments, particularly the spot-ons, immediately gave me cause for concern. Having spent many years in the Gardening business, I would have acquired detailed knowledge about the various chemicals used in the prevention of bug infestation in plants. I noticed that many of the active ingredients in these pet Flea preventions were the same as many of the pesticidal sprays I sold for bug prevention in plants and crops……pyrethrins, fipronil, imidacloprid, selamectin, dinotefuran to name a few.

Very well I hear you say but my problem is this……..It goes without saying that using any horticultural bug control requires some safety precautions. Most important of these is to protect the user’s personal health. ‘Keep out of reach of children’ is a familiar warning. Avoiding contact with our skin is another so, we almost take it for granted that any contact with any of these chemicals is most likely harmful……..

So, why do we believe its ok to actively apply concentrated quantities of these dangerous chemicals to our pets? We wouldn’t dare apply them to our children or ourselves, would we? After application, some pesticides can penetrate the skin and enter the blood stream, effectively poisoning our pets. (Check out the endless shocking reviews on Ebay or Amazon for yourself).

So, what’s the solution I hear you ask? Well there seems to be many, all of which I will attempt to examine in the near future. 

Recently however, we have began selling our very own Pet Parlours Natural Flea Powder (diatomaceous earth). This is an extremely effective, non-toxic, insect eliminating (fleas, bugs, lice, ants etc.) alternative to the toxic pesticide chemicals routinely applied to our pets. Its abrasive action shreds the exoskeleton of these pests, absorbing the oils from their outer layer, as a result dehydrating them until death.

It is 100% natural, environmentally friendly, easy to use and most of all safe for pets and humans alike (when used correctly).

Check it out for yourself. While its application isn’t as simple as a few drops on the back of your Pets neck, it won’t hurt, poison or kill them but it will kill their fleas.

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