Should I bring my dog to work?

Should we bring our dogs to work?

In the interest of full disclosure, I would like to say that Kaya has come to work with me since she was a little pup and… she hasn’t missed a day since.

The question at hand, ‘should we bring our dogs to work’  has cropped up in the shop from time to time over the years but increasingly so over the last couple of months. With the end of working from home in sight (hopefully) and many of us looking at a possible return to our pre-covid working environments (offices etc) the idea has been giving some of our customers food for thought, especially those who’s companions have spent the last year keeping their feet cosy while they work from their living room.
For some, the thought of now leaving them in a house alone for large parts of the day (as they may have done in pre-covid times) is causing some concern.

So let’s talk about some of the things you need to consider before making the decision to take your dog to work…..

should I bring my dog to work?

Your Job and your dog

  1. Is your job safe enough to take your dog with you?  For example, if you work with heavy machinery it’s probably not the best idea.
  2. Will your boss allow it? You don’t want to jeopardize your income, right!
  3. Would you have to leave them in the Car?
  4. Can you transport them to and from your job safely?
    You and your dog
  5. Are you able to keep your eye on your dog at all times throughout the day?
  6. Are you able to keep your dog under control at all times?
  7. Do you have the patience to be able to work at 100% of your ability while your dogs barking constantly for your attention?
    Your Dog and the world of work
  8. Is your dog fully toilet trained?
  9. Are they good with strangers?
  10. Are they ok with other dogs?
  11. Are they ok with Cats?
  12. Are they ok with Loud Sounds/Bangs?
  13. Are they ok with high activity environments?
  14. Are they able to settle while you work?
  15. Do they have any special dietary requirements or medication needs?
  16. Do they need a lot of physical exercise?
  17. Is your dog microchipped?
  18. Does your dog have insurance inclusive of third party liability cover?
  19. Are they crate trained?
  20. Are the muzzle trained?
  21. Are they physically able to join you? Example: Any health conditions which could be excelled if you took them (Chronic Joint Issues).
  22. Are they adequately vaccinated? Rabies for example if you need to go overseas with them
  23. Do they have any behavioural issues?
  24.  Once you have done your assessment on your own circumstances, you’ll be able to answer the ‘should we bring our dogs to work’  question yourself.

Now let’s talk about some of the Pro’s & Con’s of taking them to work!


    1. They’re not alone
    2. They will be less likely to suffer from separation anxiety
    3. You may develop a stronger bond
    4. You don’t risk them destroying your home while you work
    5. No risk of toilet accidents in the home while you work
    6. Removes the risk of them being stolen while your at work (Dog theft is on the rise)
    7. No more shredded mail
    8. The postman doesn’t risk their fingers
    9. No more neighbour complaints of dog barking all day
    10. You can feed them more frequently if you wished


  1. You’re restricted on where you can go . Example: You can’t nip to the shop or see friends straight from work and leave your dog in the car.
  2. You could get colleague complaints due to them being allergic to dogs/scared of them
  3. Your dog could cause an accident in the workplace
  4. Your dog could still get bored and chew things at work
  5. Your dog may bark the place down
  6. Your dog could escape and get lost in a place unknown to them
  7. You may not be close to your registered Vets , emergencies can happen.
  8. You may not be able to feed them as intended, a Raw diet for example is more difficult especially if you’re away working for long periods of time.

No doubt after reading this you can answer this question yourself, however if you’re contemplating this because they are being naughty at home and you don’t trust them then it may be worth consulting with trainers/behaviorists, walkers and pet sitters.

These professionals can help make your life easier and help you put something in place that keeps your dog happy and safe while you are out working without you feeling guilty. Falling back on the support of these professionals isn’t a sign or failure but a sign of responsible ownership!

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