Sandymount Dog Show – The Year the Rain Came!!

The Pet Parlour had been looking forward to the Sandymount Dog Show since this time last year. We’d been there in 2016, but not been involved. The way Sandymount Green, it’s a park, is situated means there is normally a very intimate feel to the show, even if there are big crowds.

Alas and alack this year wasn’t really like that. It all began happily enough, dryly enough anyway and we were looking good. Then the mood shifted and people started to arrive in rain gear, some of them already soaked, although it had not really started to rain in Sandymount yet, it seemed that the rest of Dublin was getting a drenching. We prayed to the big dog show god in the sky, let the rain fall mainly far away from us.

But as the show was about to start and numbers were decidedly thin, the heavens erupted and it started to rain cats and dogs! Well on the dogs and their owners! Our excellent MCs and Judge braved it out and the winners were just as happy as they always are.

The dogs are the stars of the show, but even they seemed a bit bemused by the torrential rain, coupled with all the other dogs. But they put a brave face on them and won the day.
We don’t think the weather will ever be that bad again, don’t think it could be. We still enjoyed it, there was something lovely in the comradery and the gallows humour that kept everyone smiling and happy.

We didn’t give up so much as abandon ship, everyone got a prize of some description, and everyone surely enjoyed it.

Thanks Sandymount, we’ll see you next year.


The Pet Parlour

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