Pulling Teeth!

Over the last couple of weeks in the shop, I have noticed a somewhat worrying trend of sorts…..

Numerous customers coming into the shop to buy their Pets food and sadly telling me how their recent visit to the Vets, for whatever reason, had left their animals somewhat toothless!! 

All pulled WITHOUT any consultation beforehand!

A 3 year old Cat left with ONE tooth last week, when its owner asked what the problem was and how the poor thing was going to eat she was told that the Cat had gum disease and that her gums would be tough enough to crunch down her food. This woman was not asked if she consented to the teeth being pulled.

Only today a distraught customer came in with her 3 year old Pug. She had received a text from her Vet informing her of a the special offer of €99 they were running on teeth cleaning. She brought her little one to the Vet and left her in their capable hands. On her return, she received a bill for €250!!! She was then informed that they had pulled SEVEN of her Dogs teeth, again without her permission!

Despite asking why they were pulled, she left none the wiser….

I suggested she ask for a full report and breakdown of procedures preformed during her visit…….will they even supply this?

Imagine a dentist pulling our children’s teeth without our permission?

These are just two real cases I’ve encountered over the last couple of weeks but I have had at least FIVE more similar cases in that time.

We would be really interested to see if anyone here has had any similar experiences with teeth pulling Vets in recent times………….

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