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Raw Duck Necks 1kg

Special: 3 x 1kg for €12.00 Discount applied at checkout.

Duck Necks Raw Frozen 1kg

Raw Duck Necks for Dog. Fresh food for your pet. Available from The Pet Parlour Dublin. Raw & Grain Free Specialists. Free Delivery available.


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Duck Necks Raw Frozen 1kg
These Duck Necks are packed with soft bone, cartilage and connective tissue that makes for a delicious, crunchy treat.
Great starter bone for beginners and dogs over 10 weeks of age.
Pack size 1kg
A simply delicious 100% natural raw treat that can be fed as a snack to promote fresh breath and dental hygiene.
Full of natural nutrients to promote health and vitality, Duck Necks can be fed as a snack or as part of a home prepared raw meal. Considered by experts as a raw bone for beginners, we recommend to feed this product to animals over 10 weeks of age.
Duck (100%)

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Weight 1 kg


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