Paleo Ridge Plus – Pork & Apple

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Paleo Ridge Paleo Plus – Pork & Apple – 500g – Raw Dog Food

Hand made with human grade ingredients of the finest quality. Our Paleo plus range marries our exceptional quality coarse minces with a meticulously selected range of natural additions.95% High welfare, outdoor reared and grass fed meat, offal and bone with a 5% unique blend of sustainably sourced superfoods, chosen only for their nutritional excellence.Paleo Plus is the next generation of Raw Dog Food….

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Paleo Plus Raw Dog Food – Pork & Apple

Size: 500g

Paleo Plus Pork and Apple is a low fat, Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) with the addition of our Berry Good mix of superfoods. Suitable for all life stages, this product is great for fussy dogs, those with allergies and sensitive tummies.

Paleo Plus Pork and Apple is a lean and chunky raw dog food, minced for your convenience and packaged in compostable and recyclable 500g packs. This Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) is made from high-welfare British pork.
Responsibly Sourced Raw Dog Food

All ingredients have been selected from wild and/or sustainable and ethical sources. Our pork is grass-fed and outdoor reared.
A Natural and Balanced Diet for your Dog

As a single-protein product, Paleo Plus Pork and Apple makes a great addition to an exclusion diet. Pork is a great meat and ours is all reared outdoors, as happy pigs makes for healthier meat.
This product boasts a high-quality base of pork meat, with a fantastic range of organ contents and additions including:

While many pork based products can be quite fatty, this product has been kept as lean and as ‘Paleo’ as possible, a sign of how much meat muscle is included. To this we add a few British Golden Delicious Apples to make this a mouth-watering mix that your dog is sure to love.
This minced recipe is complete to FEDIAF standards with the addition of a range of superfoods including:
Hemp Seed Powder
Green Lipped Mussel

This product is particularly digestible with increased bio-availably of essential nutrients leading to healthier dogs. Paleo Plus Pork and Apple is grain-free with no artificial additives making this a hypoallergenic product

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Paleo Ridge Paleo Plus - Pork & Apple - 500g - Raw Dog Food
Paleo Ridge Plus – Pork & Apple
Original price was: €5.95.Current price is: €5.85.