Fresco Beef Grillers


Fresco Beef Grillers Treats For Dogs.

No Grain, No Colours, No Flavour, No Fillers only real meat!

Fresco Beef Grillers Dog treats are 100% natural pressed treats for Dogs.
They are free from additives like wheat, soy, corn, flavours, colours, preservatives, meat meals or any types of fillers whatsoever!

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Fresco Beef Grillers Dog Treats – 100g

FRESCO Beef Grillers are both soft & chewy while offering a satisfying reward for your dog. We finely mince fresh beef meat, shape into handy coin shapes, add a touch of natural vegetable glycerin to naturally help keep them semi-moist and air dry to perfection. The result is the ultimate dog training treat which boasts both single protein ingredients without the use of nasty unnatural byproducts. 

Due to their semi-moist consistency, each Beef Griller piece can easily be broken into smaller more manageable pieces or fed whole depending on your dog’s breed/size and also the reason for the reward.

Soft & Chewy

Single Beef Protein

Suitable for dogs of all sizes

Great for training days and walks

Raw feeding friendly

No added Synthetics or Preservatives


A complementary treat for dogs

Suitable for dog’s over 12 weeks of age

Always ensure fresh drinking water is readily available when your dog treats, chews or food.

Ingredients: 95% Beef, 5% Natural Vegetable Glycerin

Fresco Beef Grillers Dog Treats From The Pet Parlour Dublin
Fresco Beef Grillers