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Ancol Greyhound Coat 70cm

Ancol Greyhound Thermal Coat

This coat has a 70cm length and a 66-86cm girth.


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Ancol Greyhound Thermal Coat 
This coat has a 70cm length and a 66-86cm girth.
Product Information
The Ancol Muddy Paws Greyhound Coat has been carefully designed to incorporate the features of a traditional Greyhound coat while ensuring a snug, warm, and protective coat for your dog. As greyhounds have little body fat and short fur they are more likely to feel uncomfortably cold in low temperatures. For this reason the Ancol Greyhound coat has a cosy, faux lamb fleece lining to keep your dog warm on chilly mornings and wintry days. The coat is designed to extend up the length of the neck and over the top of your dog’s tail, trapping this body heat and insulating these areas.
The coat affixes with adjustable Velcro straps around the belly, ensuring that the coat fits snugly while allowing freedom of movement.
This coat is 100% polyester and can be hand or gently machine washed in cool water.