Grain Free Dog Food

Our best selling grain free dog foods Kaya. Canagan, Acana, Red Mills, Orijen, Nature’s Menu are all available online or in store. Try The Pet Parlour’s selection of premium grain-free dog food! Grain-free dog food offers a range of benefits for dogs of all breeds and sizes, including improved digestion, increased energy, healthier skin and coat, and reduced risk of allergies and other health issues.

At The Pet Parlour, we offer a wide range of grain-free dog food options made with high-quality, nutritious ingredients, ensuring that your pup gets the best possible nutrition. With free delivery on orders over €49 available nationwide and to Northern Ireland, it’s easy to give your dog the best. Be sure to check out The Pet Parlour’s complete range of pet products and accessories for even more great options to keep your pup happy and healthy.

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