Harold’s Cross Festival Dog Show 2017

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The Calm!


Harold’s Cross Dog Show 2017 was The Pet Parlour’s second dog show of the year, following Ringsend the fortnight before. We were preparing the prizes over the week, with the winner’s podium coming together at the last minute. Finding a red carpet in Dublin city is not as easy as I’d imagined. But overall as this as was the 2nd time round we were a little better prepared, you always are aren’t you?
Putting on the dog show with us was Dublin City Council, who don’t always get a lot of good press, but they do a great job all summer bringing communities together at these type of events, and we are very thankful for our partnership. The dog show was part of Harold’s Cross Festival which mostly ran the next day, so there was a buzz about the place when we got there around nine in the maidin.
We all had a few things to do for the set up. Gazebo, chairs, podium, backdrop, flags, The Pet Parlour’s MEGA Doggy Hamper Raffle(see below) and most importantly, the prizes. We all just got stuck in and it went pretty smoothly. Rob Chester and his DCC crew did most of the hard work! We’ve recently changed our name to The Pet Parlour, and we’d just got some flags and livery with our brand new logo on it. They looked great, and we were pretty excited!
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(New Logo)
Registration got under way at ten. And we got going on time at 12. Bit chaotic at the start, lots of beautiful dogs everywhere with their owners. But eventually we got the show on the road. Edel and Rob are seasoned pros at this stage and get the crowd involved, young and old. There were 11 categories all told, and the winners were all deserved no doubt. For all the winners’ pics click here.
Final thought:- the best thing about the day was to see a community hanging out together, all sorts of people, as diverse as the dogs. That’s what makes an event like this so special. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did. Big thanks to all from The Pet Parlour Terenure.


PS – The MEGA Doggy Hamper is on show in The Pet Parlour Terenure, come down and enter our raffle in the shop. 

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