PawTrails Smart Collar GPS Tracker


PawTrails, the a new and innovative smart collar or harness that has a GPS device which helps owners locate their pet anywhere and at any time, with the help of an application. In addition to this the application monitors the activity of your pet. The application also offers professional recommendations by vets for a guideline on your pet’s daily activity and important health events.

Keep Connected With Your Pet:
PawTrails is designed to be a user friendly mobile application which is available on both Android and IOS devices.
You will be able to easily live track the location of your pet and manage your pets’ activity all in the one place.

Real Time GPS Tracker
Thanks to the GPS technology you can check the location of your four-legged friend at any time through the PawTrails App.

Create a number of safe zones, a safe zone is a virtual fence around a specific area like your home or a friend’s house and receive a notification if your pet leaves the zone.

Size: Small
Weight: 69 grams
Measurements: 25.4cm-35.5cm
Example Breed: Pug, King Charles, Scottish Terrier, Pomeranian

Size: Medium
Weight: 72 grams
Measurements: 35.6cm – 50.8cm
Example Breed: Beagle, Border Collie, French Bulldog and Bichon Frise

Size: Large
Weight: 75 grams
Measurements: 40.64cm – 66cm
Example Breed: Golden Retriever, Boxer, Dalmatian and Labrador


Smart collar is available in red and black.
Smart harness is available in red.

The fees outlined below are for connecting your smart collar to your PawTrails app.

Per Device/MONTH

Every Six Months

Every Year

Every 24 months

Every 36 Months

Smart Collar/Harness
Device is detachable & rechargeable
GPS Technology to live track your pet
3d Accelerometer to monitor activity
1 Year function failure warranty
Irish Made!