Kong Puppy
Kong Puppy

Type: Dog Toys
Vendor: Kong


The KONG Puppy toy is made especially for Puppies in mind. This exclusive teething rubber formula toy helps promote healthy chewing behaviors and soothes your dog's gums too. Veterinarians and trainers recommend stuffing the

KONG Puppy with KONG Easy Treat or Snacks to aid in crate training, decrease separation anxiety, promote proper chewing behaviour and deter misbehaviour. KONG Puppy is made from a soft puppy rubber formula great for soothing gums. It is puncture resistant, super bouncy, and perfect for Puppies of all breeds. Recommended by veterinarians, trainers and dog professionals.

Perfect for stuffing with KONG treats. Helps reduce boredom and separation anxiety. Unpredictable bounce for games of fetch.

Important: As with all Dog toys, supervision is recommended until you are confident your dog can use the toy safely. Continuously check your Dogs toys for cracks or missing pieces. If damaged, remove and replace.

Available in blue or pink.