Nylabone Chew Puppy Starter Kit
Nylabone Chew Puppy Starter Kit

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This veterinarian approved Puppy Starter Kit features three Nylabone chews specifically selected for specific stages of your puppy's teething. Keep plenty of Nylabone chews on hand to encourage safe and non-destructive chewing.

Satisfies natural urge to chew.
Helps puppies through teething and chewing stages.
3 Pack contains a chicken flavored teething bone, a chicken flavored teething and active chewing bone, and a bacon flavored healthy edible.

During normal chewing, small bristle-like projections will be raised on Flexible and Durable chews which help clean teeth, massage gums, and reduce tartar buildup. Healthy Edibles are a great alternative to regular rawhide or processed parts.