Comfy Collars

Vendor: Thrive


Comfy Collars are used as an alternative to the traditional lampshade collar, to reduce the stress suffered by cats and dogs that are recovering from surgery or minor injuries.

Unlike the elizabethan collar (also known as the e-collar, ecollar, buster collar, surgical collar or space collar) the comfy collar does not restrict the field of view, so your dog or cat is less likely to bash into furniture. It is also much easier for them to see and reach their food bowl.
If you’ve ever seen a dog or cat trying to eat whilst wearing a lampshade collar you will know just how difficult and stressful that can be!

Each comfy collar has an outer layer and a separate inflatable inner tube, with a velcro fastening strap on the outside edge and fabric hoops to secure against your pet’s collar on the inside edge.
The top-up valve can be accessed through the outer layer and pushed in so that it stays flush.
There is also a zip on the outer layer for easy removal of the inner tube.

Sizes Available:
Comfy Collar Size XS,   7-22cm
Comfy Collar Size S,     22-30cm
Comfy Collar Size M,    30-40cm
Comfy Collar Size L,     42-55cm
Comfy Collar Size XS,  55-80cm