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Kaya Complete Rabbit Mix 1kg

Kaya Complete Rabbit Mix 995g

Kaya Complete Lamb is a raw dog food formulated to provide your pet with a range of quality proteins all within the same feed.

As with our own diets, variety in an important factor in helping to limit nutritional deficits that can occur by feeding a small range of meats over a long period of time.

See composition for further details.


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Kaya Complete Rabbit Mix 1kg

Rabbit 50%: bone, stomach, meat. Beef 35%: tripe, lung, liver, heart meat. Lamb 10%: lung, tripe, meat. Goat 5%: tripe, meat.

Ratios: 70/20/10

Moisture 68%
Protein 13.7%
Ash 2%
Cell substance 1.3%
Fat 15%
Calcium 0.62%
Phosphorus 0.56%


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