As most of you know we have one of Ireland's biggest selection of raw dog food's out there such as Paleo Ridge, Nutriment, Nature's Menu, some local brands and a variety of Irish meats including Atlantic sardine and wild poultry. Our 18ft freezer is full to capacity but we need more room to develop a new range. This means something has to go.

So, until the end of May we are offering 50% OFF the following products:

    • 20kg box of whole Atlantic Sardine - Normally €60, selling for €30
    • 20kg of wild, whole Irish pheasant - Normally €70, selling for €35
    • 5kg wild, chunky Irish duck mince - Normally €20, selling for €10
    • 3.5kg outdoor Irish pig-in-a-bag (meat, organ, ear, two bones) - Normally €10, selling for €5

This offer is ideally a pick-up-in-store option but this time is also OPEN TO ONLINE SALE FOR ALL-IRELAND CUSTOMERS. It will incur a delivery charge of €20.

(duck mince)