PawTrails Smart Collar Harness Pet Parlour Terenure Dublin online

The PawTrails Smart Collar & Harness is a new and innovative smart collar that has a GPS device which helps you locate your pet should you lose track of them anywhere, any time. This is achieved through the use of an application on your smart phone. The application also monitors your pets activity and can also offer professional recommendations by vets for a guideline on your pet’s daily activity and important health events.

Thanks to the GPS technology in PawTrails Smart Collar, you can check the location of your pet anytime through the PawTrails app.

The PawTrails app allows you to monitor how active/inactive your pet is over 24hours, week etc.

You can also record the adventures you go on with your pet(s), you also have the option to share on social media to let your friends and family know what you’re up to.

PawTrails allows you to determine whether your pet is overweight, underweight or the ideal weight.

Suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes, the device is easy to use, comes with an ultra easy charging dock and is completely waterproof too!

PawTrails is an Irish based company offering 100% support to its customers guaranteed. The activation fee for the device starts at €2.99 per month but decreases with an increase in sign up duration.

With 3 sizes to choose from, there is definitely one to fit your pet.

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PawTrails Smart Collar Harness Pet Parlour Terenure Dublin online