A Family-Run Business...

The Pet Parlour, situated in the heart of Terenure in Dublin 6W, is a family run bricks & mortar pet food and accessories business, catering for all the dogs, cats and small animals of South Dublin since 2015. We stock many different pet foods, dog foods, cat foods, bird feeds, small animals. 

About us, hmmm. My name is Stephen, I run the Pet Parlour in Terenure Dublin, and this is the story how I became obsessed with pet nutrition.

I grew up in Terenure and my family have run businesses in the area since I remember. All my life I've been involved in some sort of business or another, showers, flowers, fruit and veg, plants. I get a kick out of it, I really do.

One thing I like to do to unwind is stay up late reading articles on the internet, following threads of thought down whatever rabbit hole they lead.

I'm not sure what got me onto reading about pet food, but when I did I started to realise that it was very much the issues as human food. Big companies dominating with their processed nonfood and lots of rubbish out there being recommended by people who really should know better. I felt myself becoming more involved in it, thinking about it and getting angry about it. I think about pet food, dog food and cat food all day long.

I took the plunge about three years ago, building my knowledge and widening the range as I came to understand the pet food industry more. Like with anything though, it is not up to me to preach, if people ask me I try to guide and advise them best as I can, but I understand people have a lot on their plates in 21st century Ireland. So I just want to help them and their pets enjoy their lives, find good pet foods and products and hopefully enjoy The Pet Parlour.

I like to think I eat well, it’s something I care about, certainly when it comes to my kids, so I don't see why animals should be any different. I know how I feel when I eat bad food, so it has to be the same for our animals, right?

There is also something really fulfilling about when an owner comes in after they have followed your recommendations and their pet is happier and healthier. You can tell by the look of them, the pet not the owner!