Natural Dog Chews Raw Rabbit Ears

Vendor: Pet Perfect


Rabbit Ears Natural Raw Dried Chews

A fur treat a day keeps the parasites away!!

Suitable for Dogs & Cats. They both love them.

  • Fur (and Feathers) are an important source of fiber for our Dogs' & Cats' digestive systems. It would be fair to say that they form a daily part of wild carnivores diet.
  • This source of fibre helps maintain good digestive function and is a natural way to prevent a leaky gut (common in many dry fed dogs ).
  • Fur also acts as a cleansing agent and helps clean out any build up on the animal's digestive track lining.
  • Studies have shown that the digestive tract can absorb nutrients more efficiently when clean.
  • In addition, fur treats act like an internal brush helping with the prevention of parasites, worms and their eggs, not to mention the cleaning or flossing effect on the animals teeth.
  • They will also help keep the anal glands functioning properly!

Pack Size: 100g (20-25cm)

100% Dried Rabbit Ears with Fur, perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies. Rich in protein, they have been carefully processed to maintain all their nutrients and taste. Made from 100% pure rabbit and are a great way to keep your dog amused. Odour-free too!