Pet Parlours Natural Flea Powder
Pet Parlours Natural Flea Powder


Pet Parlours Natural Flea Powder is an extremely effective, non-toxic, insect eliminating (fleas, bugs, lice, ants etc.) alternative to the toxic pesticide chemicals routinely applied to our pets. Its abrasive action shreds the exoskeleton of these pests, absorbing the oils from their outer layer, as a result dehydrating them till death.

Codex Food Grade!
It is 100% Natural
Environmentally Friendly
Safe for Pets and Humans alike
Easy to use

How to use:
Using a dust mask & gloves (preferably outdoors) sparingly dust your pet's entire body with Pet Parlours Natural Flea Powder paying particular attention to hotspots such as the back of the neck, their back, base of the tail, armpits and behind ears. Avoid contact with your pets eyes and mouth. Apply to your pets bedding and bedding area.The area around their bedding may need treatment too: carpets, mats, rugs etc.
Leave for 4 hours then vacuum applied areas.
Repeat process after 14 days.Leave the area for 2-3 days then vacuum applied areas.