The Pet Parlour/DCC Bushy Park Dog Show Winners!!

Well done to all involved both organizers and contestants.
Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Adult Bitch

1st Place-Roxy with Aisling


Adult Bitch 2nd Place-Penny


Adult Bitch 3rd Place-Millie with Siobhan


Adult Bitch 4th Place-Buffy with Siobhan



Adult Dog

Adult Dog 1st Place-Sam with Dave


Adult Dog 2nd Place-Leo with Ger


Adult Dog 3rd Place-Toby with Laura


Adult Dog 4th Place-Django with Sarnat



Best Groomed

Best Groomed 1st Place-Toby with Laura & Andrew


Best Groomed 2nd Place-Milo with Lucy



Dog with a Trick

Dog with a Trick 1st Place-Diesel with Lenna


Dog with a Trick 2nd Place-Ruby with Maria


Dog with a Trick 3rd Place-Zoe with Alison


Dog with a Trick 4th Place-Barney with Deirdre


Dog with a Trick-Maisey



Handled by a Gent

Handled by a Gent 1st Place-Gypsy with Frank


Handled by a Gent 2nd Place-Frutra with Marcin


Handled by a Gent 3rd Place-Sully with Cian


Handled by a Gent 4th Place-Holly with Mark


Handled by a Gent 6th Place-Milo with Colm



Handled by a Lady

Handled by a Lady 1st Place-Glock with Dajana


Handled by a Lady 2st Place


Handled by a Lady 3rd Place-Oscar with Audrey



Puppy Bitch

Puppy Bitch 1st Place-Maja


Puppy Bitch 2nd Place-Hazel with Charlie



Puppy Dog

Puppy Dog 1st Place-Harvey with Cyril


Puppy Dog 2nd Place-Castro with Michelle


Puppy Dog 3rd Place-Iggy with Abbie



U8 Handler

U8 Handler 1st Place-Popcorn with Sophie


U8 Handler 2nd Place-Buster with Kate


U8 Handler 4th Place-Dooey with Lana



Over 8 Handler

 Over 8 Handler 1st Place-Bailey with Grace


Over 8 Handler 2nd Place-Juno with Lilly



Over 8 Handler 3rd Place Lulu with Elva


Over 8 Handler 4th Place-Ollie with Saoirse



Veteran Dog

Veteran Dog 1st Place-Maise with Kate


Veteran Dog 2nd Place-Charlie with Tom


Veteran Dog 3rd Place-Polly with Ross & Co.


Veteran Dog 4th Place-Gina with Sinead



Golden Bone

Golden Bone Winner Elfie with Bronwin


Golder Bone Spike with George


.....AND FINALLY......







Best In Show Winner-Toby with Andrew, Laura, Bronagh & Christopher


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